Most of these programs are free or "thriftshop ware", meaning if you like it and use it often you're karmically bound to mail me something interesting from a thriftshop...

  BPing. Pronounced "beeping", this is a Windows ping alternative that beeps whenever it gets replies. This is handy if you're like me and spend lots of time diving under desks fiddling with network cables and hate craning your neck to look at the screen. Has a bunch of other enhancements too, like the ability to scan an entire network.
  CraigsTalker. Searches Craigslist and plugs the titles into Flickr to see what sorts of odd mashups it can come up with. Also useful for speaking Craigslist ad titles or ads.
  CraigsWatcher. Searches Craigslist for specific search terms and emails you right away whenever new postings show up.
  Emailer. Handy dandy picture emailer. Lets you drag a bunch of pictures onto it, enter a bunch of people to email it to, and then it emails the pictures, resizing them first.
  EasyPTZ. A simple PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) controller for Dahua cameras.
  Flash Dancer. Lets you launch Flash SWF files fullscreen on any monitor you want, or spanning multiple monitors. Very useful for kiosk type applications.
  MonOff. Short for "monitor off", this little utility turns off your computer's monitor(s) and saves the world.
  Movie Spanner. Lets you launch any movie or image fullscreen across multiple monitors.
  Proofsheet. Takes a bunch of pictures and prints them in a proofsheet, contact sheet, or whatever you want to call it. Very high resolution output, much better than any other proofsheet utility I've found.
  Radioactive. The RIAA hasn't killed internet radio yet, and in the meantime there's lots of really good college radio stations online. Radioactive is a jukebox-like interface to the best college and/or commercial free radio stations I find online that are broadcasting hi-bitrate streaming MP3. Yes iTunes does this too, but it's an atrocious interface and it doesn't filter the crap from the great.
  Trigger Finger. My internet radio jukebox. Can also be used to turn off lights, play videos, and much misc, from a nice touchscreen interface.
  Sleeper is a sleep timer for your computer: set a time and then it'll turn off Winamp, iTunes, VLC, Zoom Player, or a bunch of other programs. Can also put your computer to sleep or shut it down. Handy!
  Chumby Stuff. A bunch of widgets I've made for my precious little Chumby.
  Good Radio. I maintain a database of streamable college radio stations to make it a bit easier to find the good ones. It also makes it easier for people to write programs that utilize college radio. For example, here's all the good college and community radio stations plotted on a google map. And Radioactive uses it. See the API for notes on interfacing with it or just go listen to something.
  Miscellany. A bunch of little programs I've written for various tasks, most of these ancient history by now. Who knows, maybe one of them actually works.
  Python Stuff. These days I write most of my programs in Python and couldn't recommend it any more strongly. Programming languages don't need to be hidiously obtuse. I'll try to add the modules I create and the especially useful tricks I stumble on here.


October 9, 2018: EasyPTZ is born.

May 29, 2018: Emailer got some love.

March 3, 2010: I rewrote Radioactive from scratch.

October 2, 2009: Movie Spanner is born!

June 17, 2009: FlashDancer got the ability to launch Flash files spanning multiple monitors.

May 27, 2009: Monoff got the ability to turn off your monitors after a delay.

May 19, 2009: Made an update to FlashDancer and Sleeper got some serious love.

May 18, 2009: Made an update to Bping.

May 14, 2009: Added a few features and a facelift to Sleeper.

May 13, 2009: Proofsheet got a major makeover.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email.