..... or is it CraigStalker?

This is a window into the collective unconscious as channeled by Craigslist and Flickr. It searches Craigslist casual encounters (or whatever category) and plugs the ad titles into Flickr and makes little mashups of whatever it finds. In other words it makes lots of pictures like this:

But my favorite part is the way it reads the postings in the computer robot voice. It can be a Joe Frank-O-Matic when the Craigslist lust and the Flickr randomness line up just so. If you have the Neo Speech Paul and Kate voices installed, CraigsTalker will use those voices instead of the crappy Windows default voice, which is super highly massively recommended.

Here's an hour of what it sounds like when Paul and Kate read Craigslist casual encounters San Francisco.

I used CraigsTalker to make a goofy slide projector project where I showed slides of old ladies juxtaposed with the 24/7 crazy lust of Craigslist. God I love the internet.

I suppose it could also be useful for someone who wants the newest ads in a given Craigslist category read to them, but what fun is being useful.

Anyway here's a few pics it produced while I was putting together this webpage:
















Granted the pictures of kids can be a bit jarring, so there's an alternate mode where it'll search for pictures of cute fuzzy animals or Dick Cheney. Experiment with setting the "Flickr search mode" under preferences if you're not getting accurate results.



Currently it uses the default Windows TTS voice, but if you install the Neo Speech Paul and Kate voices, it'll use those instead. I know, I should make a config screen where people can set the male and female voices, but guess how badly I want to spend an hour making that...

And by the way the default soundtrack is Drone Zone from Soma FM. Works well to Joe Frankify the computer voice.

As of now you need a username and password to download the program. Email me and I'll send it over. And if you get an error starting the program, install this.

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