Movie Spanner v1.0 (updated October 2, 2009)

Movie Spanner is a Windows program that lets you play any Quicktime movie fullscreen across multiple monitors. Its limited only by the number of monitors attached to your computer: its been tested playing fullscreen across 6 monitors without a glitch. It can either center the movie or stretch to fit.

It can play non Quicktime movies too, but note that if Quicktime can't play it, Movie Spanner can't either. And you need to have Quicktime installed. You might have a look at the latest Quicktime codecs, which add support for DivX and Xvid.

It can also display any image file (jpg, gif, png) fullscreen on any monitor, or fullscreen across multiple monitors. If you need support for Flash SWF files, you might have a look at Flash Dancer.

Usage is very straight forward, just download, run, and point Movie Spanner at your movie or image file. For example, in this screen capture Movie Spanner is about to play the movie "" fullscreen across monitors 1 and 2:


Creating Shortcuts

Optionally, you can create a shortcut to your movie or image file. Once you set the options in the Movie Spanner launcher window, you can easily repeat your settings by double-clicking that shortcut. Simply select File --> Create Shortcut.


Commandline Usage

Since Movie Spanner is often used in automated environments, you can optionally run Movie Spanner from commandline.

This would launch on monitor 2:

c:\moviespanner\moviespanner.exe -fname="f:\my docs\" -monitor=2

This would launch on monitor 2, stretched to fill the whole monitor:

c:\moviespanner\moviespanner.exe -fname="f:\my docs\" -monitor=2 -stretch=yes

To span multiple monitors, something like:

c:\moviespanner\moviespanner.exe -fname="f:\my docs\" -monitor=1,2

Note the quotes around the filename, which are only necessary if your path has spaces in it.

You can close any window launched by Movie Spanner by clicking the ESC key.

Other Features

Let me know if you need any other features. It currently doesn't have any sort of playback control since its mostly designed for use in automated environments, but it would be easy enough to add. It would also be easy enough to add support for non adjacent monitors, meaning the monitors could be for example in a 2x2 grid.


version 1.0 (10/2/09): Movie Spanner is born!


Movie Spanner Installer.



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