EasyPTZ v0.873 (October 30, 2018)

I needed a simple controller for Dahua cameras on Windows and coulnd't find anyting that wasn't over-built for my purposes or just plain slow so I built this. Posting in case it's useful to anyone else. It's designed to be an easy to use camera viewer as opposed to a full featured DVR or NVR. So far I've only tested with the Dahua SD49225T-HN but it *should* work with any Dahua camera.





Keyboard Controls


Mouse/Touchscreen Controls


Joystick Controls!


Config File Notes

Here's the docs for editing the config file. For now you make all the configurations there. Just click File -> Settings and edit the values that are already present. Once the features settle down I'll build a GUI for this.


Known Issues and Troubleshooting


To Do



- v0.872 (October 30, 2018): Made some improvements to focusing (pressing [ or ] keys or joytsick). Before it would run autofocus sometimes afterwards, losing any focus changes. Also some more mouse controls (corners control zoom and focus). And added the ability to have custom image overlays on each camera, will document shortly, let me know if you need deets sooner.

- v0.87 (October 29, 2018): Fixed issue with video window not detecting mouse clicks in some versions of Windows, and fixed issue where arrow keys sometimes stop responding. Yee haw.

- v0.83 (October 24, 2018): Added gesture support! Click or touch the video to pan.

- v0.8 (October 22, 2018): Added screenshot ability, lots of fixes.

- v0.7 (October 17, 2018): Repacked with current version of VLC included.

- v0.6 (October 12, 2018): Some love given to the GUI, and packing the VLC library with the installer. Experimental.

- v0.5 (October 11, 2018): joystick support! And it sucks considerably less. Still swatting bugs but getting there.

- v0.2 (October 9, 2018): much less latency, an installer, and lots o fixes.

- v0.1 (October 8, 2018): first version released




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