Control Freak v.69 (December 17, 2008)

Control Freak is a Windows program that loves to control things. It started as a utility to translate midi signals to ASCII keystrokes but decided it wanted more out of life, so now it can be controlled by all sorts of things in addition to midi and it can do all sorts of things in addition to sending ASCII keystrokes. For example it can make your joystick into a keyboard or a music player, or it can shut your computer down over the web. It doesn't install any DLL's or anything like that so it should play nice with everyone's computers.

This is in definite beta so please let me know how it works for you, especially if it crashes. And feel free to let me know any features you'd like added.

Control Freak can react to inputs from any of the following:

Keyboard (including multimedia keys and numpad)
Mouse (including mouse wheel)
Midi (midi keyboards, etc)
Command Line
Infrared Remote Controls (if you have a usb-uirt)

And it can then control any of the following:

Send keystrokes
Run programs
Open files
Play a random song from a directory
Play a random movie from a directory
Speak some text
Control winamp
Control itunes
Play college and community radio
Control Windows (reboot, turn off monitors, log off, etc)

In other words, you can use midi to control winamp, or you can use a the numpad on your keyboard to play college radio stations. Much more info is in the help file.


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